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Changing our conciousness

Met dank aan ©Linda Steenhuis voor de foto'sThe latest news> January - February 2018: VitaliFeiten did an interview with the B of Joy founder. On 14-01-2018, Paul asked: What is the current status?  On 28-01-2018, the FORB initiator Ruby Paul, who had flown over from England, requested an interview with the B of Joy founder on the theme: What is the future of banking?  On 13-02-2018 DVM-TV has published Part 5 of the interview with the B of Joy founder about the local powers that be. More news will follow.


> December 2017 | We hope to share good progress again in 2018. We have started developing the B of Joy payment application, an App based on the 3rd generation Blockchain technology. We link this technology to the URA. This App features the latest technologies and specifications. Read more about this in the B of Joy Newsletter of this month along with other news items.


> November 2017 I DVM-TV has published part 4 of the spectacular 5-parts interview with the founder of B of Joy. See part 4: Revelations from an insider. In the last few weeks, many rumours goes around about the death of the founder of B of Joy Ronald Bernard, but he is in good condition and has an message for all of us! With a vision, there's always hope!

> Want to read earlier news? Please continue reading : News Overview.



Lecture: 'Free and Joyful out of the crisis with a new Bank and Currency' After this fascinating lecture you’re at risk seeing nothing as “business as usual” anymore. This lecture shows why many people live in scarcity and dissatisfaction. Following the trail of money, we arrive at causes and a truth that borders the unreal. If you understand how the banking-system works, we can change it henceforth in a positive way.

This lecture offers a view on a healthy economy and a fair society in 5 years’ time. In short, real changes, prosperity and wellbeing for each participant. B of Joy is a co-operative pro-life fair-trade bank under construction. Already active in several countries and borne by thousands of people. It’s a citizen’s initiative of professionals. It’s of, for and by the people!

Comments on the lecture: “Again, many thanks for the inspiration that flew off in sparks during the lecture.”
“I’ve sat laughing and crying. What a touching lecture and fantastic solutions. I’m joining.”
“I noticed that many participants are mega- enthusiastic. What an enthusiastic man is this speaker.”


Related: Short movies about the present banking-system. Real impressive eye openers!
We will produce a DVD quality production of this lecture. This DVD will be published in 2018.
Elements of the lecture are alternated by Paul en Carla van der Veldt with touching songs.


Unity in DiversityThere are solutions to get out of the spiral of scarcity together to move towards abundance. Leading scientific research tells us: consciousness is the driving force behind change. Making advances in the area of consciousness means making real, lasting, sustainable progress.
When our consciousness realizes how strong and rich we are as unity in diversity, then the world changes along with us. If you want to know who has the power? Follow the money. We will show you that we have, through our financial/monetary system, given the power to banks, multi-national corporations and their puppet politicians. It is time to stand up. Only by demanding the power back can we change the world.

Interviews We give lectures and interviews about opportunities that show that we can be the change. Lectures that are good for mind and body, consciousness, our planet, it’s citizens and, oh yes of course, the wallet. Money, and our initiative, are not goals in themselves but a means to achieve higher aims. Our higher aims are a just society and a healthy economy of abundance.

That’s what B of Joy, as a grass roots initiative by professionals, stands for. The B doesn’t only stand for Bank, but also for Movement (Beweging in Dutch). A Movement which will allow the Netherlands and other countries to be given back to its citizens. From 75 people or more, we give lectures in the Netherlands to businesses, organizations and private persons. If you are interested in our lectures, apply to United People Foundation through the ‘contact’ button.

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”My experience of Ronald as a presenter is of someone who presents his story without bells and whistles and with his very own conviction” - Marian van der Veen.